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Nifty E-Z

If you are expecting to set up EchoLink in "sysop" mode, you will need a special interface device which connects your radio equipment to your computer.  This device allows the computer to control the PTT function of your transceiver, and (optionally) to accept and process DTMF commands from the receiver.

For maximum flexibility, EchoLink is designed to work with several different types of interfaces.  Below is a partial list of high-quality interfaces which are specifically recommended for use with EchoLink.

Kenwood TM-V71 and TM-D710 Transceivers

The Kenwood TM-V71 and TM-D710 dual-band FM transceivers are the only commercially-available rigs with EchoLink capabilities built in. With these rigs, no special interface is required; you can use the optional PG-5H cable (or a homebrew cable) to connect the rig directly to your PC. For answers to frequently-asked questions about using EchoLink with the TM-V71 and TM-D710, please click here.

WB2REM & G4CDY'S Linking Interfaces

These interfaces are available fully-assembled, or in kit form.  The original circuit was described in QST for March, 2002.  The newer ULI and AMI models have additional features.

USB and Serial Port EchoLink Interfaces

Advanced Repeater Systems offers several EchoLink Interfaces: a low-cost Serial Port PCB device, a USB device with speaker/microphone plugs for most portable radios and a USB Universal device that can interfaced to virtually any transceiver or repeater.

RIGblaster from West Mountain Radio

Several models of these general-purpose digital-mode interfaces are available, all of which are compatible with EchoLink.  Use EchoLink's internal DTMF decoder when using a RIGblaster and set it to VOX in the Sysop mode.  (If you wish to use a RIGblaster and join the EchoLink QSO using the linked radio's microphone, the RIGblaster Pro model is required.)

Tigertronics SignaLink USB

This is a USB device that functions as an external sound card, with VOX-controlled PTT, so no connections to your computer's sound card or serial port are required. Pre-wired cables are available for popular transceivers. Can also be used with digital modes such as PSK31.

Other Interfaces

Here are some other interface options for EchoLink.

PY2JF Interface (from Brazil)

DL5MGD Controller (diagrams and PIC source code)

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